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Introducing Bravo New World Blogcasts

Hello, Extraordinary Year fans!

You know, the Extraordinary Year show on Blog Talk Radio and corresponding facebook page were launched at the beginning of 2012 with a specific purpose: To hold a global conversation about the year 2012 with a focus on Ascension, the prediction of a global change in consciousness, and UFO Disclosure.

Well, we're 6 days away from December 21, 2012 as I write this.  As discussed on recent episodes of the show, many of our hopes and predictions for the world haven't come to pass.  Granted, we have a little less than a week for prophecies to be fulfilled, but at this point it looks as though the world may well march into 2013 without much change from the present.  As we've neared the end of this "extraordinary year", I've received some questions and even suggestions about how to name the show going forward.  Believe me, I've spent no small amount of time mulling it over in my head.  What to do, what to do.  In the past few days, I've come to a decision.

Introducing the Bravo New World blogcasts and facebook page!

Like I said, Extraordinary Year was always intended to be just a 2012 thing.  With the close of the year, comes the close of the show.  It served its purpose and had its charm.  Unfortunately, it rarely lived up to the intention of being a global conversation.  In fact, while a handful of loyal listeners (you know who you are) would tune in for the live episodes, listener call ins were few and far between.  Instead, we got the vast majority of listens after the fact through the Blog Talk Radio archives and on YouTube.  I find it hard to justify dropping $40 a month to broadcast a show so few are listening to live when I can produce and distribute podcasts for free.  So that's exactly what I'm going to do.

But what to call the new iteration of the program?  How to host and distribute it?  I've been doing a lot of thinking and planning to answer these questions and here's what I've come up with.  Instead of creating a whole new website, I decided to base the podcasts on this blog.  So they're kind of "blogcasts".  Bravo New World has been around for years, long preceding Extraordinary Year.  I intend to continue blogging here, so why not name the casts after it?

What's in a name?  Bravo New World is obviously a play on my assumed pseudonym Bravo.  It's also a play on the Brave New World story by Aldous Huxley.  The coming blogcasts and other posts to this site represent a divergent view of Earth's future from that story.  Instead of Brave New World, we have Bravo New World - a world we can celebrate!  So I'm leveraging my investment in this brand and blog going forward.  But that's not the only aspect of the transition from Extraordinary Year you should know about.

New facebook page
One of the most invigorating and satisfying facets of the Extraordinary Year experience has been posting to the facebook page and interacting with the fans there.  There are people from all over the world who have shared their views on the events of the year, made sure I was aware of interesting developments, and helped report on chemtrails.  Unfortunately, facebook won't allow me to change the URL of the page or change the username to reflect the transition to Bravo New World, so I've had to create a new page.  I really hope fans of the Extraordinary Year page will migrate!

Please click here to go to the page and "like" the Bravo New World Blogcast page now.  I will be posting to this page and interacting with the people there in exactly the same way as the Extraordinary Year page.  That's one thing that won't be changing!

What you can expect
What can you expect out of Bravo New World blogcasts?  For starters, they won't happen quite as regularly as the Blog Talk Radio show.  Instead of airing a live show at an appointed time each week, I plan to interview guests and hold panel discussions as time allows and the inspiration strikes.  I'll upload them here, then repost to the facebook page.  Of course, I'll upload them to YouTube as well.  If you'd like to be informed of new blogcasts, just sign up to the email list at the bottom of this page.  You'll never have to worry about me revealing your address or selling it, this is simply to keep you in the loop.

An Extraordinary Transition
As I transition from the Extraordinary Year of 2012 to the Bravo New World of our future, I hope my fans and friends will follow.  I also hope no one is too disappointed by these changes.  Most of you were listening at your leisure before and will continue to be able to do so going forward.  Now, I'll just be joining you.

You can expect the shows themselves to be more of the same, with some stylistic additions.  David (Canada) and Matt (Steiny), who were inspirational in getting the show started to being with, always wanted to do episodes where we just sat around having a beer and talking about this stuff.  I think we'll finally be doing some of those!  I hope you'll find them entertaining.

You guys know I love to have conversations.  The episodes with enlightening interviews and engaging listener call ins were always my favorites.  Conversely, I had the least amount of fun during episodes where no one called in and I felt like I was blathering on by myself.  Because I love talking to you guys so much, I will also record blogcasts featuring Skype conversations with you.  I'll invite you to Skype in at a set time, I'll serve up the subjects, and we'll have a conversation...just like the good ol' days!

Look, if you're a regular listener to the show, chances are you kinda "know" me by now.  You get me.  You understand my style and where I'm coming from.  How much could that really change, right?  I'm still going to be doing my thing and sharing it with you like I've always done.  Sure, I'll evolve.  The blogcasts will evolve.  The issues will evolve.  But at the core, I'll be the same old me talking to the same old you.  It'll still be extraordinary!

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