Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 Reasons I LOVE this report from ABC News

For all the razzing we give the mainstream media in America about being little more than a propaganda arm for the elite, once in a while a news story will slip through the cracks that's actually worth viewers' time.  The video below is one such report - broadcast nationally by ABC News.  

When Anonymous recently announced it hacked the computer network of the U.S. Federal Reserve and released the personal account information of more than 4,000 of America's top bankers, ABC News could have demonized the hackers as terrorists and delivered the Fed's damage-minimizing response as the entire story.  But they didn't.  They delivered a nuts-and-bolts account of the hacking and gave a little in-depth look at who Anonymous is and why they do what they do.

Here are five reasons why I love this report from ABC News.

1) It doesn't demonize Anonymous
There's no love lost between The Powers That Be and Anonymous.  The least a compliant media source could do is shape the public's opinion of the hackers by describing them with less-than-flattering verbiage, or maybe even branding them as a terrorist organization outright!  After all, an attack on the Federal Reserve is an attack on the financial structure of America - nay, the world.  

But ABC's report doesn't disparage Anonymous at all.  In the spirit of ideal journalism, they just deliver the facts.

2) It makes Anonymous seem powerful to the public 
By not demonizing Anonymous, and by making their penetration of the Fed's systems seem like quite the feat, ABC actually plants the perception of a powerful Anonymous in the collective consciousness.  

Those who understand that our reality is a co-created illusion that responds to our thoughts, beliefs and expectations realize the potential for this report.  By planting this seed in the collective consciousness, it prescribes that very reality for the future - and for future events.  The more powerful the wider public perceives Anonymous to be, the more probable that is exactly the reality that will manifest for us all. 

3) It gives Anonymous a few seconds in the bully pulpit
Not everyone who watches mainstream evening news understands who Anonymous is.  Not all will have watched one of the videos released by the group.  But this report hands over the bully pulpit to a Guy-Fawkes-masked hacker, if even for just a few seconds.  And during that few seconds, we hear an intelligent voice address the "citizens of the world" and remind them of the "erosion of due process" and "the dilution of constitutional rights".  And ABC doesn't try to dispute those claims.  The public is reminded of a reality not often spoken of during national news broadcasts.  More seeds planted.  

4) It helps explain Anonymous' message and motivation to a wider public
Not only does Anonymous get the opportunity to directly address the public at large for a few seconds, but "former" Anonymous member Greg Housh delivers the group's message and motivation.

"All these big bankers and all these big rich people who have caused a lot of the problems we've had for the last few years are not getting prosecuted," says Housh.

It's important to note that even though he's described as a former member, he is not portrayed as being against the group or disputing what they say or what they do.  Furthermore, he says to expect more big attacks on the government.  Again, seeds planted!

5) It reminds millions of Americans that none of the bankers have been punished for the financial crisis
Not only does ABC use Housh to plant the seeds of future powerful attacks by Anonymous against big governmental entities, but his bite reminds all watching that no one is being punished for the financial crisis that has erased so many jobs, devastated so many families and the economy in general. 

I must applaud ABC News for this rare example of journalism that actually enhances the public's interest instead of the interests of corporate sponsors or governmental agencies.  Perhaps this bright spot is a harbinger of an illuminated future for mainstream media consumers.

Here's the report.  Enjoy!


  1. I applaud anyone who is willing to stand for justice and defend the constitution. Good article old friend!


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