Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rescue Me's Daniel Sunjata: 9/11 Truth Hero

It's relatively easy for someone like me to be a 9/11 Truther, especially compared to someone who has a huge public reputation to protect. Someone like Daniel Sunjata from the FX hit show Rescue Me.

I seem to be behind the times when it comes to 9/11 Truth because it seems that last year a new version of Dylan Avery's Loose Change was released, retitled Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup. And instead of being narrated by Dylan Avery, it's narrated by Daniel Sunjata.

Aside from lending his voice to the most well-known collection of evidence against the government's version of events on that day, Sunjata has questioned their version publicly.
I am the first to admit that I am no journalist, no expert by any stretch of the imagination. But even with the subplot featured on Rescue Me, the response I got from various magazines and websites on this piece was that there was NO STORY HERE. It is not news to them that such informed dissent has been expressed by those who cannot be dismissed as insane lunatics. Popular Mechanics was thrown in my face repeatedly as having already debunked every claim I made and every reference I included. One editor even equated 911 Truth with those who deny evolution in favor of creationism! Its just pathetic actually, because I KNOW these individuals are more intelligent than to believe the excuses that they offered in order to avoid dealing with me. And given what I know about how publicity works, their crab-like side stepping is all the more conspicuous. If FOX & Friends finds Rescue Me's inclusion of 911 Truth newsworthy enough to attack, one would think that an essay written by the actor in the center of the "controversy" would be a hot commodity; even if only to try and further condemn the movement or to make me look like a loony-tune. When you bring hard facts and credible references to the table, however, the modus operandi is BLACKOUT. And if you have no microphone, no camera, no platform...then you are shouting into a vacuum. Maddening. Frustrating. But not enough to deflate our firm intention to see justice done in this matter.
Furthermore, during the last season of Rescue Me Sunjata's character was revealed to be a Truther. 

It's things like this that give me hope that we can slowly build awareness among The People to combat the lies set as our reality by The Owners.  Thanks to the huge cajones on Daniel Sunjata, we're a giant leap closer to the Truth.

Thank you, Mr. Sunjata.

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