Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did Israel fire on the UFO over Jerusalem?

Since my first view of the UFO over the Temple Mount last month, it looked to me as if the flashes that immediately preceded the departure of the orb of light toward the heavens may have been artillery fire from Israel.  It's no secret that Israel did shoot down a UFO over a nuclear facility back in December.  Why the world isn't demanding to see the craft and know more about the incident is beyond me.  But at least the mainstream media acknowledged the incident!  Baby steps...

I stated this hypothesis in my initial post on the event.  I also noted that the flashes were absent from the third video released, which has since been proven a hoax. 

However, as my post yesterday discussed, there's been a fourth video to surface, and this one is much closer to the Dome of the Rock than the first two, giving us a much better vantage point on both the craft and the flashes of light. 

The first thing I noticed about the flashes is they don't seem to come from the craft itself; at least not only the craft.  In fact, there is a point of light in both flashes that occur slightly above and to the right of the glowing object (not back and to the left, sorry couldn't help it).  Very interesting!  It's apparent that the two flashes of light may not have come directly from the craft itself.

First flash.  Light seems to flash from above and to the right.

Second flash.
My hypothesis:  The craft is indeed an extraterrestrial technology from the Galactic Federation often mentioned by Ufologists - it's not just for Trekkies anymore - and like the ships of Roddenberry's lore, there is an invisible shield around the ship.

No, I'm not kidding.  This is my actual hypothesis.  If one is to accept the supposition that this is an actual extraterrestrial craft, and said craft has the ability to shoot upwards at speeds that would mash a human being's body to the bottom of the ship like potatoes from KFC, then one has to assume that the technology is advanced enough to have an invisible protective shield around it.

I think it's possible Israel's military fired off a couple artillery shells at this object in a no-fly zone.  They obviously have no problem shooting down our galactic neighbors.  What if the shield around this thing transmuted the energy in the mass and momentum of the artillery projectiles into energy's simplest form: LIGHT?!

If one is to accept the information coming from channelers like David Wilcock and Mike Quinsey, and by no means do I expect your world view will allow you to do so, the majority of actual extraterrestrial phenomena on this planet can be attributed to very humanoid species who are very benevolent.  They will not infringe on our free will and force us to accept their presence.  They will not invade en masse.  They will not use force.  One could say they sort of lead by example. 

If that's true, then this could be a case in point.  The ship was fired on.  It didn't fire back.  It probably doesn't have the capability because these advanced beings realize All is One and an attack on an Other is an attack on Self.  They won't engage in such silliness.  But they will evade.  And so, the craft - after safely dispersing the energy of the projectiles with its shield - shoots up and away from attack to join either one big-ass ship or a group of several smaller ones hovering hundreds of feet above.  There they hang out to sort of just say, "Hi!  We're here.  We're just want all our sisters and brothers to know we mean you no harm.  Could you please tell your 'leaders' to stop shooting at us?"

Anyway, these are my thoughts.  What are yours?


  1. In the two photos above, if you look to the top of the ridge, there is a light seen in the second photo that isn't seen in the first. It's about 2 inches on my screen, left of proposed 'deflected blast?', and slightly down from that.

    Was this the point of fire?

    I can mock up an image if you like to point it out...

  2. I don't see why such a craft can be from a "Galactic Federation". As you correctly noted, if this UFO is real it's probably alien, but you can't extrapolate about any "federations". That's pure fantasy, much more than acknowledging extra terrestrials on Earth. Why couldn't it be a wedding couple on vacation on the outer rim of the Galaxy? Or some illegal traders of exotic art or life forms? Or a school field trip? Or just some explorers? How can you be so specific and say it was a ship from some alien federation?

    See, this is why most UFO blogs are not taken seriously. Even if the majority of an article might be written seriously, there's always some stray sentence in there that makes the whole thing silly.

  3. After a cursory look over the photos, I'm not readily seeing what you're talking about, Rob. Please do highlight the image and post. You can use HTML in a comment - or just email it to me when you're done and I'll post it. RedCrow1973 at yahoo.

  4. Anonymous, I respect your position and truly understand it. I used to be of the same opinion.

    That said, the difference between us is I have opened my mind to the possibility that things being said through channeling are real. From Edgar Cayce to the Ra Material to things brought forth even today - there's an underlying thread of commonality in the messages being delivered by people who don't know each other, separated by decades and continents.

    Furthermore, world events and timings/details surrounding UFO sightings fit with the material.

    I reached a point where I allowed my intuition to be my guide in lieu of concrete proof. Intuition can be wrong, but it seems to become less so the more one uses it. I can testify that I'm personally finding that to be the case.

    So to you the idea of a Galactic Federation just seems silly. To me, it makes all the sense in the world.

    Or the galaxy, as it were.

    Peace be with you.

  5. An artillery shell would miss. Indirect fire is for an area target. The sound of it firing would have been picked up on audio. AA weapons do the same cover an area not point target. For this you need a missile or some super kick ass alien anti air weapon.


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