Monday, February 21, 2011

UFOs over Chicago: Disclosure in the USA

There have been multiple sightings of UFOs over Chicago this past week, providing pretty decent video footage.  Almost disgustingly, reports of the sightings in our nation's third largest metropolitan area and near an international airport have gone virtually unreported in the media.  I can find no mainstream source that's had the balls to touch it.  Only UFO sites are carrying the news - which means if you're not already "on" to what's happening globally in recent months, you're in the dark.  To complicate matters, some of the best original footage has been removed from YouTube.  Luckily, a search has yielded duplicates.  Thank God for the internet, baby!

I can't be certain of these details, particularly since Chicago newsrooms seemed to be packed with weak-willed pussies too timid to touch such a monstrous story.  That said, it seems the first batch of sightings occured February 13th.  The craft reappeared in the same location 5 days later on February 18th.

Here are some videos of the events.  I believe the first two are from the first night and were shot by different people.  The third is the second sighting, initially shot and posted by the same guy who shot the first vid.

Update 5:22pm 02.21.2011
Here are more vids of these events I've tracked down.

Here's one from a hilariously enthusiastic individual reportedly shot on February 17 in the same area, although it appears to be a separate event.

Keep your eyes open, friends.  This stuff is happening, and it's happening for a reason. 


  1. I found it interesting that about 6 months ago, I'd find a posting on about various UFO sitings including the Moscow pyramid.

    I still look but haven't seen anything in a long time.

    I'm glad you've carried the torch for me. I'll let you sort out the bs from the legitimate.

    Keep it up.

  2. Moscow wasn't the only pyramid video to surface. China had some spectacular daytime video, and I've seen similar daytime video purported to be from Columbia, as well as the UK. Honestly, I'm on the fence about the authenticity - although as a student of sacred geometry it would make sense for hyperdimensional craft to assume a tetrahedron shape in our third density.

    If that sounds like gibberish, disregard! LOL

    I'm honored you place any faith in me, brother, and don't take it lightly. I pledge to do my best to sort upcoming events out, as you say. My only hope is to spread an awareness and understanding among my fellow humans.


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