Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ET: Really good proof

A very religious Facebook friend commented last night on my post about the Chicago UFOs.  His claim is there may or may not be life "out there".  We just don't know.  He says "we need some really good proof."

"We need some really good proof." Translation: "This idea makes me uncomfortable and I refuse to allow myself to see the evidence. I will continue to do so until somebody literally makes me or society as a whole accepts the idea, thereby making it more comfortable."

This makes my friend agnostic. A - Gnostic. Without Gnosis. An interesting position for a person of faith, to be sure.

Trouble is, there's plenty of "really good proof" and always has been. These videos and the multitudinous others, past and increasingly present, aren't the proof - they're just supporting evidence.

The proof is in medieval paintings and inside stone age caves. The proof is in Giza, where we still haven't REGAINED the technology to accomplish what the ancient Egyptians did. The proof is in the common lore of aboriginal people dispersed over the continents and time.

The proof is in the countless government and military witnesses of the Disclosure Project willing to testify before a congress that refuses to hear them. The proof is in released intergovernmental memos acknowledging not only the existence of extraterrestrial life and technology, but our acquisition of the same. The proof is in scientific advances since 1947, like Teflon and Kevlar.

The proof is in the cosmos, where NASA recently admitted there were literally twice as many stars as they acknowledged before - and 50% of them have Earth-like planets. The proof is in the math, considering there are billions of these stars just in our galaxy and billions of galaxies in the KNOWN universe.

The proof is in the world's business and governmental leaders converging on Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the Global Competitiveness Forum last month to hear a 5-person panel including physicist Michio Kaku and Ufologist Stanton Friedman tell them this is real and you humans better start considering the implications. In that audience were Tony Blair, Jean Chretien, Google execs, Disney execs, etc, etc.

And, yes, the proof is in the skies for the thousands of our brothers and sisters who happen to catch a glimpse each year. Some of them actually capture their experiences on video or photographs. Most don't. Believers include Ronald Reagan, who had two encounters and his predecessor Jimmy Carter who openly talked about seeing a UFO. Ike saw one at sea while he was still just a general.  As President, he reportedly met with extraterrestrials, a story corroborated by his great-granddaughter Laura Eisenhower.  According to his wife, Jackie Gleason hit up his buddy Richard Nixon to let him view alien bodies kept by the United States.  Hillary Clinton is apparently on to something.  While First Lady, she was photographed carrying a book about the implications of etraterrestrial contact.  Mikhail Gorbachev told the world the phenomena were real and should be treated seriously - something probably not mentioned to Americans. There are a lot of things Americans don't get told about.

You might argue it's all circumstantial evidence. I would argue that the amount of evidence forces us to accept the circumstances.

But I don't believe we'll need proof much longer. Because contact will be here soon enough.


  1. Contact will be here soon... though it's been 'soon' for decades.

  2. I understand your point - but there is a quantifiable uptick in sightings. Those who claim contact also claim open contact is imminent.

  3. there already amongst us...


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