Monday, June 27, 2011

Another UFO over Wichita

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My wife and I had just returned home tonight from dropping my daughter with her mother.  Monica, my wife, sat down to smoke a cigarette before going inside and I took to my now practically habitual practice of checking out the stars.  I started looking to the south and slowing turned my gaze clockwise.  When my attention got to the Big Dipper in the northwest, I noticed a bright yellow glowing orb underneath and moving upwards toward the constellation.  Almost as soon as I spotted it, it picked up momentum and seemed to decrease in luminosity by about a third.  The color changed from a deep yellow to more of a white and the shape seemed to slim from an egg shape to more of a sliver.  I called to Monica to come quickly, even though the poor thing hurt her foot yesterday.  Having witnessed some other strangeness with me recently, she quickly hobbled over and spotted it with me.

As we watched, the object zipped through the cup of the Big Dipper and seemed to be heading out of the atmosphere.  It continued on until it completely faded from view.  I immediately came inside and wrote up a report to MUFON.

Over the time I witnessed the object, it fluctuated in acceleration, brightness, color and direction.  Click on the image to get a better view of what I perceived.

Mizar connection?
Sunday night Monica and I met up with a couple friends and went to the Lake Afton Public Observatory.  Among other stops in the night sky (Saturn totally rocked), the observatory volunteers trained the telescope on Mizar, the first binary system ever discovered.  When it was my turn to look through the scope, I took my time.  I really wanted to examine these two stars balanced in space, orbiting an invisible point of gravitational equilibrium with 88 light years between them.  As I observed and listened to the volunteer explain the salient points to the line of people waiting to catch a glimpse, a bright yellow object streaked across the field of vision.

Now, let's get something straight.  I'm 38 years old.  I've seen my share of falling stars.  While the object in the eyepiece of the telescope did move at a good clip, it did NOT shoot as fast as a meteorite.  It was decidedly slower.  When I saw it, I sucked in my breath loudly.  I wonder how many people in line wondered why.  I just smiled to myself and climbed off the ladder to give the next person a turn.

Incidentally, Mizar just happens to be the Big Dipper.

Two yellow UFOs 48 hours apart in the same constellation.  And in the same month as another major sighting.  I'm left wondering if our friends are responding to my requests to see them or if there's just that much more activity right now.  My ego prefers the former.

All I know for sure is how I feel right now.  I'm hopeful.  I, like so many other Lightworkers, have been demoralized by the direction of recent events visible in the alternative media.  That feeling has lifted, though.  Now I feel a calm certainty that things are indeed moving toward the first step of what we've all been waiting and working for.  Disclosure truly must be just around the corner.

I'm buckled in and ready.  Let's roll.

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