Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Dipper UFO - Similar sighting in Canada

I was just perusing the latest UFO sightings on UFOstalker.com and noticed a report from Nova Scotia that is fairly similar to what I saw and wrote about last night.  The summary of this Canadian report caught my eye, "star like object moves quickly and fades out over 5-10 seconds. Saw 3 in ~1 hour."  What do ya know, I saw a star-like object that moved quickly and faded out over a few seconds!  Here's the report in full:
This happened in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada around the very early hours of June 28. I saw this exact same event happen three times in about 2 hours. I was star gazing as I often do. (aside - I noticed for the first time tonight that one of the stars in the handle of the big dipper is actually two stars that are very close to each other. Cool stuff) Anyway, I saw a ball of white light similar to a star appear and move at something similar to aircraft speed, but over 5 or 10 seconds the light slowly faded out until I couldnt see it anymore. I never actually was staring exactly where it appeared, but it was the motion out of nowhere that caught my eye. I have no idea what it could have been, but I am sure that it was not a star or a planet, because it was moving. It was not like any aircraft I have seen before because it did not have flashing lights(was steady light) and did not appear to make any sound. I do not think it was a sateillite because it was much brighter than any sateillite that I have seen before, and the light faded out slowly and unexpectantly. It travelled in a straight line, but faded out as if it was travelling further away. It happened high in the sky so it is not as if it faded as it headed towards the horizon. The first one I saw was travelling mainly south to north. The second one I saw was only about 60 seconds after the first, and this one was travelling mainly north to south. I came inside to tell my friend about what I saw, and a short while later I went back outside and after about 20 minutes I saw another one do the exact same thing, although this one was much further east in the sky, and was travelling mainly north to south. I was not scared, maybe just a little bit excited at what it could have been. I will be looking for more of these in the future!
After reading this, my first thought was that maybe I should have stayed outside for a while last night to make sure our friends were done with their show.  I may well have missed further activity.

Telescope at Lake Afton Public Observatory
There are more similarities than differences in our accounts which occurred 2,400 miles apart.  That's almost 4,000 kilometers for you Canucks.  The witness describes looking at the Big Dipper just before detailing the sighting.  The object I saw travelled through that very constellation.  The witness describes noticing a two-star system in the handle of the Big Dipper.  I wondered in my post last night if there was a connection to that very binary system, called Mizar.  Furthermore, I related a sighting I had while looking at Mizar through the telescope at a local observatory this past Sunday night. 

Other similarities: The direction of the first object observed by the Canadian witness was generally the same as mine.  Both started bright and seemed to fade over several seconds.  We both had the impression the object we witnessed was heading away from the Earth toward space. 

I've been a firm believer in extraterrestrial craft...well, my whole life, I guess.  Both intuition and logic tell me there's no way we're alone in this Universe and it's highly unlikely we're the most advanced, technologically or spiritually.  However, until recently I've had to rely on faith in the sightings of others.  The direct experience I sought was elusive.  Now, not only have I had three separate direct experiences in less than a month, but I've found what seems to be indirect confirmation that others have seen the same thing. 

I realize there will be holdouts who still believe we're alone on this rock; people who would question my mental health, I'm sure.  But I know what I've seen.  And now I know I'm not the only one to see it.  These are heady days, my friends.

Edit - 10:46am June 29, 2011:
Since posting this report, I've learned of similar sightings in California, Texas, and possibly Alabama.


  1. I witnessed these object also, I live in Apple Valley, CA.

    Saw them starting from around 9:30ish pm pacific time.

    The first two seemed to be on a north to south flight, the 3rd was south to north. They all seemed to be taking the same "path"

    I also wanted to note that I only saw them due to how bright they would shine as they came into my field of view. But that brightness would fade out into nothingness. Zero chance that these could have been any of our air/spacecraft.

  2. Are you saying you saw these last night, as well?

  3. yes, I was sitting in my car with my sunroof open, I was just looking at the night sky when movement caught my eye. It was unlike any aircraft flying in our atmosphere.

    The time was around 9:30pm pacific time.

    I then began to look more closely in the area where I first saw the object after it was no longer visible. Sure enough, about a minute or so after seeing the first object, a 2nd object flared up into the brightest object in the night sky and dimmed down as it moved in the exact same path as the first one, north to south.

    I got my iphone out to see the compass on it, and indeed it was nearly an exact north to south path.

    15-45 minutes pass by, and I see the 3rd object, flare up and dim back into nothingness as it went in the opposite direction as the previous objects, with the time pass being much greater than the 2nd object vs the first, this time the path seemed to be a little different, but still in a strait line from pole to pole in direction.

    One point I wanted to make clear is; They only appeared in my field of view when they were nearly exactly at the center of the horizon in my field of view. I could not see them before they passed this mark, but once they did pass this mark, they would appear as very bright balls of light, only to dim as they moved in the direction of one pole or another.

    If you would like a more detailed report, please email me @ jeremy.blaylock@hotmail.com

  4. Jeremy, you make me miss the T Tops on my Firebird. Man, I miss the stuff I used to catch going on over my head that other people never saw.

    Brother, I highly recommend you head to mufon.com and make a report. It doesn't take long and you can remain anonymous if you like. It would help the world of ufology to know that the same type of objects were viewed on both coasts and the middle of the country last night.

    Thanks for letting me know you saw them, too.

  5. Thanks Tim,

    I have submitted my report to the site suggested.

  6. In Native American circles the Big dipper tells a story of what happen out of the bear constellation that caused the separation of the two major continents and the flooding of the entire planet.
    The source of activity is coming out between the first and second star.
    What you have seen as two stars in the first star of the handle is correct.
    But that is only one major port for the ET's Capt Pete Cherokee Elder crpeterson2408@cox.net


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