Monday, July 23, 2012

The changes are upon us - What you can do to help!

Today I received a question from a Twitter follower asking if I had any information on "when things will start happening."  Well, I think there's plenty of evidence to suggest things already are.  The LIBOR scandal continues to occupy mainstream headlines.  Financial institutions are being fined left and right.  Bank heads are stepping down, including Bob Diamond of Barclays.  If you've read David Wilcock's most recent post, you know that Barclays has been scientifically identified as the #1 corporation ruling the world!  For them to take the first hit in the LIBOR debacle doesn't bode well for the other 146 companies (75% of which are financial institutions) controlling 80% of the world's wealth.

The cloaked Washington insider Poofness has also released a post that spells bad news for the elite.  In a case of poetic irony, the IRS is being audited!  And this just in, the Monday channeling of Mike Quinsey's SaLuSa doesn't feel like most of his recent messages which lately have seemed to be mostly regurgitation of past posts.

Stuff really looks and feels, to me, to be "happening".

What you can do

And there's one more piece of change in motion - one you might be able to actually help with!  Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve past the committee stage with NO opposition.  Now it will go to the full house to be voted on.  This is where you can help.  Call AND email your congressional representative today!  The vote is scheduled for tomorrow (July 24).  Encourage all of your connections across all your social networks to do the same.  Together we can at the very least let Congress feel how ready We, The People are for these changes.  Let's let them know we're serious and demand they vote to go ahead with a top-to-bottom audit of the Fed.

How to do it

Step 1: Contact Congress.  Use to find your representative.  Then, call AND email them.  Tell them you support Bill HR 459 and want them to vote YES tomorrow, July 24.

Step 2: Encourage all your family and friends you'd like them to do the same.  Do it as many different ways as you can.  Facebook it.  Post it to groups.  Forums.  Tweet it, Tumble it, Google Plus it.

Together, we can take real action TODAY to finally take down the elite bankers who've had a stranglehold on our planet for a century.  Their time is coming to a close.  Let's speed up the clock.

Thanks in advance,
Tim Bravo

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