Friday, December 3, 2010

Contrail, My Ass!

In October my family paid a visit to my wife's mother and husband. My step-father-in-law (hereafter referred to as SFIL) works in a supervisory position in the FAA. While there, he told me about having to take phone calls from angry lunatics who were convinced the government was spraying chemicals through jet contrails. These loonies wanted to know what they were spraying.

SFIL couldn't understand how these people don't get that jet exhaust leaves contrails in the sky; crystallized ice particles in a trail. We were sitting out in his backyard as he related this story, and we were able to see many a jet flying overhead. These jets were leaving contrails. Normal contrails. The kind I grew up with. They'd hang out behind the jet, but were never more than say 30-50 times the length of the jet itself. The contrails would dissipate, presumably as the sun warmed the crystals beyond freezing.

But I live in Wichita, KS. I see what are known as chemtrails all the time. I know exactly what these so-called "loonies" are talking about. You may have heard or read about criss-cross or hatch patterns in the sky stretching from horizon to horizon like some sort of covert game of tic-tac-toe. We see it often.

I grew up watching the skies. My parents wouldn't let me stay inside and watch TV all day, thank God. I would be entertained watching contrails dissipate. I would try to figure out how long it took between the moment the crystals formed to the moment they were no longer visible. We're talking the matter of a minute, two at most. Then one day after I was a young adult, I noticed the contrails seems to last a lot longer. It seemed to change overnight.

These days, I see both frequently. It's not unheard of to see both at the same time. According to David Wilcock, who claims to have insider information on a number of things, what we call "chemtrails" are very real and serve three purposes:

1. Seed clouds for rain, 2. provide a reflective shield for HAARP experimentation, and 3. reflect sunlight back into space to try to offset global warming.
Not only do these trails stay in the air long after the jet has crossed the horizon, the trails begin to feather out.  Over the course of literally hours they sit there and become like a patch of overcast sky.  And thus, the criss-cross patterns start to make sense.  As they spread out, they turn an otherwise clear blue sky into a completely cloudy day.  W. T. F.

This morning as I stepped outside for work, I immediately noticed a plane leaving a chemtrail.  It had nearly made it to my western horizon and my eye followed the trail it had left as far as I could see to the east.  So I took out my handy-dandy Android and started snapping pictures.  What you see below is a splicing of 5 separate photos to show you how the trail literally goes from horizon to horizon.  And it wasn't the only one. 
There as another identical to it, and perfectly parallel.  It appeared as if others had been laid before dawn, as there were perfectly linear patches of "overcast" running the same direction.

What I don't get is how they can pretend we're so stupid as to not notice these things.  They refuse to acknowledge what they're doing.  People like SFIL label the citizen bold enough to question it "loonies".  And they just keep doing it.  Kind of like the mass demonstration of UFOs over Manhattan in October in the broad daylight, seen by thousands and covered by CBS.  WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?!

New Yorkers point at multiple UFOs dancing over Manhattan.

Well, I'm talking about it.  Hopefully, you will, too.  And feel free to start paying attention to what's going on in the sky - whether it be chemtrails or even UFOs. 

So, check out this image.  Note that the brighter part of the chemtrail is actually the oldest part of the chemtrail.  It's being lit by the sun in the east.  You can't see it, but the plane is still laying down the chemicals on the western horizon at the bottom of the image.

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