Saturday, October 30, 2010

First evidence Yemen bomb scare was false flag op

The first revealing evidence that the Yemen bomb scare was not what our government and major media made it out to be took less than 24 hours to surface.  I see this as proof that the collective conscience of the world is "on to" the game being played by New World Order/Illuminati/Bilderberg/Rothschild factions.  They no longer have the wherewithal to pull another 9/11 over our eyes.

Yemen officials claim the packages didn't come from their country.  Furthermore, there weren't even any cargo planes that left the Arab nation in the previous 48 hours!
No UPS or DHL cargo packages heading to Chicago through Yemen took place in the last 48 hours,” insisted Yemenia Airways’ Air Cargo Director Mohammed Shaibah. Officials with the nation’s Civil Aviation Authority insisted that ono US cargo aircrafts left the nation at all in the past 48 hours.
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 I saw it in the non-stop coverage on MSNBC, CNN and CNN Headline News.  I'm sure FOX News was on it, too - it feeds their slant - but I refuse to watch that channel so I didn't see them do it.  I did see ABC break in with news of the plot in the morning.  The way it was covered, the presidential news conference, the timing...It all stinks of bullshit.

I saw it.  I called it.  I tweeted it.  And already the proof is coming out that the whole episode is half-baked and ill-planned.  How much money did news organizations waste on helicopter fuel to track the passenger jet coming into JFK?  How much taxpayer money was spent in jet fuel to scramble the interceptors?  How much sleep was lost by everyday Americans whipped back into a tizzy by terror coverage?

Stop being scared, friends.  Al Qaeda was manufactured.  9/11 was manufactured.  7/7 was manufactured.  Virtually all terror threats are manufactured.

And what the fuck, Barack?  Et tu?  Just another instance to solidify for me why I'll never vote for Barack Obama again.  He's a part of the game now.

In the words of Jesus Christ: Be not afraid.

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