Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mass animal deaths continue, and so do scientists' stupid explanations

Maybe they should just stick with "these things happen all the time."  It's obviously untrue to the observant citizen, but at least it's better than "they ate too much." 

If you're reading this, no doubt you're all-too familiar with the spate of mass animal deaths that has plagued Earth the past couple weeks.  Birds, fish, crabs, and turtles.  The latest stories are thousands of fish in the Chicago area, 100 dead birds in California, and hundreds of turtle doves in Italy. 

Scientists' explanations?  In the case of the fish in Chicago, Lake Michigan Program biologist Dan Makauskas says the cold killed them.  Very similar to the "this stuff happens all the time" pat answer.  But if this stuff indeed happens all the time, why don't I recall any stories from the Chicago area of this sort of thing happening before?  I don't live there, but I think it would be a national news story if and when it happened.  Maybe not every time, but since it happens "all the time" one would think it would make a newscast or headline once in a while.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe this sort of thing does happen in Lake Michigan frequently.  I'd LOVE for someone to show me it has and does.  Until then, I'm sticking with my opinion that something larger and unique is going on here.

As for the 700 dead Italian turtle doves, experts are seriously proposing that you believe they ate too much.  700 birds all ate too much and died together. That's their explanation.  And they continue to expect you to respect them and their word.

But we're not a planet of idiots.  Something stinks here, and we would appreciate if those who called themselves our authorities actually got to work on determining what it is and spent a lot less time trying to give us crap explanations that are ridiculous at face value.  Unfortunately for these "authorities", we are not as stupid as their answers.

It would honestly be better for these people to just admit they don't know any better than we do.


  1. I think there may be a hollywood major motion picture in the works here.

  2. I'm not into fear-mongering movies - and I'm sincerely not trying to scare people about this subject. I find it incredibly interesting and I'm curious how this fits into the big picture of what's going on with our planet right now. Dismissing things we don't understand with pat explanations leads to a society that believes things that aren't true. I don't want to live in that society any longer.


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