Thursday, January 20, 2011

UFOs over Dunedin, FL January 18, 2011

Cell phone video taken just a couple nights ago in Florida.  At least 2 UFOs exhibiting physics-denying capabilities are seen.  I have enlarged and stabilized the footage. 

MUFON Case Number: 27457

Log Number: US-01192011-0007
Submitted Date: 2011-01-19 21:32 GMT
Event Date: 2011-01-18 18:42 GMT

City: Dunedin
Region: Florida
Country: US

Longitude: -82.7717684
Latitude: 28.0197404

I was stopped at a stoplight and i looked up to see a glowing changing colored orb flying around and i decided to record it. I was shocked as to what i saw.

Here's the same video with contrast optimized. I've slowed the footage to highlight the second craft.


  1. Im friends with this person and we have had many sightings, And 1 other video during the day a year ago

  2. I would strongly recommend that your friend make a report with MUFON on that incident as well. I'd personally love to see this day time video. I'd be happy to optimize and analyze it for you guys! :-)

  3. Hi, I live in Dunedin Florida and my brother told me that he saw something very similar, that appeared to hover somewere over countryside mall, and he even pulled over to get a better look at it so I did a search and found this video. Thanks for posting! Now it's confirmed.

  4. My pleasure, Serge. I will continue to analyze and post convincing UFO footage as it becomes available.

    Thanks for posting with your actual name. I get tired of all the people who don't have the balls to put their names to their comments. I believe a day is coming when secrets and lies will be a thing of the past.

    Any chance I could get you to email me at redcrow1973[at]yahoo? I checked out your Wordpress blog and see you're smart enough to figure out how to remove the information on the theme you're using. I'd like to take a look at customizing that theme for a tech blog I have.


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