Thursday, February 23, 2012

Israel VS Iran: It IS Your Business!

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman
Yesterday, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman dismissed warnings by the United States government not to attack Iran, saying "[It] is not their business."

Well, he's 100% wrong! And here's why:

It is the business of the United States whether Israel attacks Iran or not. Israel wouldn't exist if it weren't for the United States. The United States has consistently protected Israel through its position on the UN Security Council. The United States has given billions, if not trillions, in foreign aid, training and weaponry to the country of Israel. The very weapons Israel would use to start a conflict were provided by the United States and paid for by American citizens.

Ultimately, whether Israel attacks Iran is the business of not just the United States but every person on this planet. Because everyone is affected by these wars. A war against Iran is potentially so destabilizing to the region, it contains the possibility of plunging the entire globe into a new World War. It wouldn't stop at being a conflict between Israel and Iran. It would immediately and automatically involve the United States. Our business. Russian and China would undoubtedly come to the defense of Iran, as would the entire Arab World. Their business.

The U.S. doesn't have the wherewithal to successfully undertake a war in ONE country. How would we defend ourselves against invasion by China and Russia? How would we defend Israel against concerted attacks by multiple Arab countries?

It's impossible...and to talk of it is irresponsible.

Thankfully, it's all hot air. No sane human leader would truly undertake such an unwinnable endeavor. Plus, our offworld friends have indicated they won't allow it.

What's my point? Well, other than to suggest you not allow yourself to become afraid at this possiblity, I'd encourage you to examine the relationship between the United States and Israel and ask yourself if it's worth our while as a country to continue such unconditional support for a nation whose government is filled with blathering idiots like Lieberman and Netanyahu.

I think we could send a clear message that the United States is interested in peace by publicly excoriating the Israelis for their saber-rattling language. But then, our own politicians engage in it as well.

This is where everyday Americans can band together and speak out. Occupy the message.

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