Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Should Have His Citizenship Revoked

The television character known as Bill O'Reilly (hereafter referred to as TTCKABO) has shown his un-Americanness once again.  I refer to him as a television character, because that's all he is.  Bill O'Reilly the real person doesn't even believe the crap he spews. 

Raw Story reports that Billo The Clown (as coined by Keith Olbermann) says any white person who questions the government's official explanation for the 9/11 attacks (like, say, former governor Jesse Ventura, former senator Mike Gravel, eminem, architect Richard Gage, myself, etc) is a "pinhead", and that any muslim who does so should be barred from visiting Ground Zero.  I'm curious where O'Reilly thinks hispanics like Daniel Sunjata fit in.  Or what about African-Americans, like Mos Def?

The fact that Billo makes a racial distinction is in and of itself against the spirit of our country and Constitution.  And it's the epitomy of racism.  What he said was racist, pure and simple.  I know, big surprise, TTCKABO is a racist. 

But of slightly greater import is that fact that this television persona who so many hold up as a spectre of 21st century patriotism is spewing crap that is essentially UN-American! We've all heard and read the quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson, arguably the most influential mind among the forefathers TTCKABO so often hails, "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."  Folks like myself, and there's a growing number of us, are simply exercising our right to dissent.  According to TJ, we're about as American as it gets!

Also, it's a bit hypocritical for Billo and his Faux News compatriots to say dissenters should be barred from Ground Zero when they themselves question government assertions - like, say, that the earth is warming and climate change is primarily caused by human activities.  Do they consider themselves pinheads for doing so?  Does TTCKABO really believe it's alright to question anything the government says, except in the case of 9/11? 

Kelsey Grammer recently sent Keith Olbermann an apple pie.  Perhaps I should send TTCKABO a cake and challenge him to see if he can have it and eat it, too. 

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