Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Conspiracy Theory: NWO supresses secrets on Reddit, promotes stories that polarize

I just visited my submitted content page on Reddit and noticed a curious trend. There are a number of stories with exactly 0 link karma. This means exactly the same number of people voted the story down as up. Since a submitted story automatically starts with a 1, at least 1 person (or Reddit account) has voted it down.

This caused me to take a look at the subject matter of the stories with exactly 0 karma. Again, a trend seemed to emerge. These stories all seem to have something to do with secret organizations or things tied to the state of Israel (I'd like to note here that any denigration on my part toward Israel is aimed at the country and its leadership as opposed to people of the jewish faith or ethnicity).

Hmmm, I think.  What about the stories that have a good deal of  link karma?  Ah...another trend emerges!  It could be perceived that the stories with higher link karma are those that document or even instigate polarity and division within the public at large. 

Take a look for yourself.

The Zeros
Redditor finds FBI tracking device on friend's car
A story about an FBI tracking device found by a Redditor, or Reddit Editor, when he visited a garage with an friend to get the friend's car fixed.  A later story claimed the FBI was demanding the device back.  This story was ON Reddit ABOUT a Reddit employee.  0 link karma?  Suspect.  I theorize that the NWO, of which the FBI is a tool, either have a staff making sure stories like this can't stand out or have a computer-aided program creating Reddit accounts to do it automatically for them. 

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel expected to resign
This one's about Rahm.  Some have accused him of being a stooge for Israel within the top level of our government.  I don't know that I believe it, but this story's 0 karma status lends credence to the idea, don't you think?  Of course, people who think the White House is the top level of our government are the real stooges. 

Peace activist tackled after approaching McCain
The NWO can't have John McCain looking bad.  They still have plans for him.  He's slated to foment division over illegal immigration until he's dead.  Not sure if he or Cheney will go first. 

Conservatives still livid about ‘Ground Zero mosque’ miss SNL punchline
Again, this story surfaced while the NWO still needed people to be upset about the Ground Zero mosque.  They couldn't have anything putting out that fire in the media.  If it got out that the beloved cast of SNL thought mosque opponents lacked credibility the head of steam the right has been building might dissipate - even if just a little.  Gotta keep the hate rolling!

This Yom Kippur, We Must Atone for the Sins of Israeli Policy
It would make sense for the NWO to quash stories critical of Israel's policies toward Palestinians.  If Americans begin to comprehend the Nazi-like nature of Israel's human rights abuses that country might start to look less like a democracy and more like a fascist state. 

The Heroes

Professor pulls off ‘epic hack’ of voting system
The NWO would do well to promote this story.  Not many things get Americans up in arms than the idea of voter fraud.  If our elections don't represent the true will of the American people than our democracy is a lie.  Nevermind that our elections DON'T represent the will of the American people because they don't do the voting *cough* RossPerotGot19%OfThePopularVoteButZeroElectoralCollegeVotes *cough*. 

Daschle Admits Obama Traded Away Public Option for Industry Support
Another seriously devisive issue of the past couple years?  Health care.  How they got Americans to believe health care reform was a bad idea is still a mystery, but what's not mysterious is the fact that putting the public option and government corruption in the same headline is a pot-stirrer!

FOX News ratings drop 21% year-to-year
This story is responsible for the all-time majority of views on the Bravo News Feed.  Enough said.

Obama tells critics on left to "wake up"
Oh no he didn't!  Oh yes, they did.

Christine O’Donnell: School shootings caused by lack of Bible and prayer studies
Guns and Jesus.  Nothing divisive about that! 

Reddit Truth
Okay, I admit it.  I wrote this post tongue-in-cheek.  I thought it would be funny to pretend my posts are dangerous and far-reaching enough to warrant manipulation by the global elite.  Do I honestly believe the Powers That Be are secretly suppressing or promoting stories on as it suits their agenda?  Probably not.  Is it possible?  Sure.  The evidence presented above is weak and circumstantial.  But, if one wanted to find evidence for said theory, this would fit the bill. 

Next blog:  How Digg's suck-ass new site is a plot by Reddit to steal market share!

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