Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Exciting new UFO footage from Hilo, Hawaii

This very exciting video from Hilo, Hawaii was uploaded to YouTube on December 4.  The title and description is in German, but I'm guessing they're telling us this happened the night of December 3rd.

You don't have to know German to know this is not a plane, or helicopter, or bird, or insect!  It's definitely not Chinese lanterns!  This, my friends, is honest-to-goodness footage of a real UFO.  Man-made or extraterrestrial, we can't say - but does it really matter?  The point should really be that we as a planetary civilization have got to acknowledge for ourselves that this is real.  And we should demand that our so-called public servants acknowledge it, as well.  The implications for humanity and our future are just too huge to ignore such phenomena any longer!

This thing is just hovering silently in the air. I realize I'm making an assumption here, but my guess is this craft is generating its own gravity field using magnetics to operate independently of the Earth's gravity field. Another conclusion I'm willing to jump to: It's completely clean technology producing no waste or harmful byproduct   Imagine how our world would change if we were able to utilize such technology for transportation!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this footage satisfies the need for really good proof of UFO reality.  Wouldn't you?

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