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Could our sun be part of a binary system?

David Wilcock just released a short post in which he drops a giant bomb:  He now believes our solar system is actually a binary star system.  If true, it would mean that our sun has a companion star.  According to Wilcock, this other star is a brown dwarf.  

What, what, what?!  This is ground shaking for me!  If this turns out to be true, it would make the myth and legend of Nibiru so much more plausible and credible!

I've been interested in binary star systems since visiting the Lake Afton Public Observatory last summer and observing the binary system Mizar through the telescope there.  Even if you don't know about Mizar or the fact it's a binary system, chances are you've looked at it.  It's one of the stars in the handle of The Big Dipper.
The Mizar System
During my turn at the telescope while viewing Mizar, a bright orangish-yellow orb zipped through the view finder.  Those who have followed this blog know I ended up seeing quite a few UFOs last year.  While I can't be certain what I saw through that telescope was a craft, it certainly didn't have the appearance of a shooting star or other known celestial object.  There was no tail, just a fast ball of light.  Not long after that, my wife and I witnessed an orangish-yellow UFO exit the atmosphere of our planet from our front yard.  The best part - it flew directly through the center of The Big Dipper in the direction guessed it.  Mizar!  And we were far from alone in seeing UFOs in the vicinity of that constellation during that time period.

Brown Dwarf Stars & Binary Systems
A Brown Dwarf
You might be thinking, if our solar system has two stars why can't we see the other one?  Good question.  The answer lies in the explanation that this companion star is a brown dwarf.  This is a kind of star that either never obtained the necessary mass to spark the nuclear fusion reaction to become what we normally think of as stars, or used to be such a star but aged to the point where the fusion reaction has stopped.  Brown dwarfs are described as appearing quite a bit like Jupiter, and science is currently debating whether to maintain a distinction between dwarf stars and gas giants.

For two stars to comprise a binary system, they have to revolve around a center of gravity - a point of gravitational equilibrium between the two.  Apparently, just such a scenario might account for some of the anomalies in our outer solar system scientists have had a hard time explaining!  And if there is a brown dwarf companion star, we obviously wouldn't see it because it's not burning.

The Legend of Nibiru
Many of us likely came into acquaintance with the concept of a Planet X as children while watching Duck Dodgers from the 24th-and-a-half Century argue with Marvin the Martian over who had rightful claim to the legendary planet.  But the idea has seen a major resurgence in the past couple years because of the literary works of Zecharia Sitchin.  Sitchin said Planet X is likely real, and its name is Nibiru.  He based this declaration on his translations of Sumerian and Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets.  His ideas may have remained in obscurity were it not for their inclusion in Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods - a book that was instrumental in inspiring a young truth seeker named David Wilcock.

The legend, according to Sitchin's translations of the tablets, is that Nibiru is a planetary body with an orbit that places it in the vicinity of Earth once every *3,600 years. But the internets have taken the story of Nibiru and turned it into the harbinger of planetary catastrophe.  A Google search of just that one word reveals all sorts of scary ideas about the fabled planet, from extreme and sudden pole shift to the open enslavement of mankind by Nibiru's humanoid population called the Annunaki.

Well, I haven't personally spent a lot of time thinking about whether Nibiru is real.  Because the prophesy of its coming is so steeped in fear porn, I'm not going to invest a lot of thought in it.  That doesn't mean I've dismissed it out of hand.  While I've considered its existence a possibility, my view has been that because Cayce and Ra didn't mention Nibiru it must not be of too much consequence.  Even if it does exist, the fear-laden fire built around it is likely being fanned by those who wish mankind to envision its own demise.

That said, I recently had a conversation with meteorologist and chemtrail awareness activist Scott Stevens that re-piqued my interest in the idea.  While discussing what we might cover in an upcoming interview, the conversation left the chemtrail topic for the bigger picture of our planet's future.  Scott intimated that he has a well-placed insider friend who has related many amazing things.  Among them is that Planet X is real, and that the hubbub surrounding 2012 was created by the Powers That Be as a misdirection and distraction to the big action which would really start in 2013.

I had planned on keeping this Planet X tip close to the vest in order to reward and surprise listeners, but this new post by David begs for an early release.  The synchronicity of it seems important to me, so there you have it.  I hope you'll tune in to Extraordinary Year Tuesday night to get deeper details from Scott Stevens.

Soft Disclosure
Did you know astronomy scientists believe most visible star systems are binary?  I didn't.  But I have noticed lately a lot of articles referring to binary systems.  Couple this with the announcement that NASA's Kepler Telescope has shown that most star systems probably have planets, and the argument can be made that we are witnessing a sort of "soft disclosure" of a reality already known by the elite of our planet.    
During my research today for this very post, I discovered that scientists announced just this year that the aforementioned Mizar is in fact not just a binary system - it actually contains six stars!

Double Sun | December 9, 2012 | Queensland, Australia
Two suns photo courtesy Cameron Wright
December 9, 2012 | Queensland, Australia
Another interesting and related phenomenon over the past couple years has been the Second Sun meme on YouTube.  Many videos, purportedly from all sorts of different people from all over the planet, show a second bright object in our sky.  Sometimes it is visible with the naked eye, but many times it can only be seen through a filter.  Most of these videos do not appear to be fake.  I'm not sure how they could be.  Now, I haven't personally seen a second bright object in the sky - and I've looked.  I've tried to block the sun with two pairs of sunglasses.  On days when the cloud cover is just thick enough to make the solar disc viewable without hurting the eye I've noted that it seems to be all alone.  But there are still so many videos that the phenomenon still seems possible, if not probable.  Let's say for the sake of argument that the videos are fake.  To what end, and by whom?  One explanation might be that someone very powerful had the videos created in order to gently ease the collective of humanity into the notion of a second sun.

Of course, they likely aren't fake.  I don't say that simply because the videos would be extremely difficult to fake.  I say it because of the image posted just above.  It was provided by my very own facebook friend Cameron Wright in Queensland, Australia.  He took the photo himself, just last night!  Unless the sky itself has somehow been faked for people to record via photographs and videos, there is a genuine phenomenon occurring - and as recently as the past 24 hours!

It all makes sense now!
I don't know how David Wilcock arrived at this brown dwarf binary star idea.  Based on his past work, one could guess he's had his own insiders say as much, and/or he's received this information from dreams or visions.  But if it turns out to be true, it would tie together the legend of Nibiru, the theoretical Planet X and the anomalies scientists observe in our outer solar system.

I find myself more excited than ever to get to Tuesday evening to find out just what Scott Stevens has to say about all this!

* Note that 3,600 is a harmonic of 360, the number of degrees in a circle.  This is also the original yearly orbit of Earth before the destruction of Maldek which, according to David Wilcock's The Source Field Investigations, created the asteroid belt and threw off the original timing and harmonics of our solar system.  David's story of Maldek comes from two independent sources.  Edgar Cayce spoke of the planet while accessing the Akashic Records during trance.  The channeled entity Ra also speaks of the planet in the Law of One readings.  

It is also interesting to note Sitchin said the cuneiform texts claimed the Earth was created when one of Nibiru's moons struck a protoplanet in our solar system called Tiamat - and that the asteroid belt was created on a second pass when Nibiru itself struck what remained of the original Tiamat.  It is also interesting to note that the particular texts which say this refer to Nibiru as Marduk.  Marduk is awfully similar to Maldek, don't you think?

Obviously, the Cayce/Ra/Wilcock story of the asteroid belt's creation doesn't jive with the Sitchin/Sumerian version.  But there are provocative similarities.  Maybe what we have in the Sumerian version of events is akin to the telephone game in which one person whispers something into a person's ear and the message is passed along the circle.  How often that message is hilariously altered before it reaches the final telling!  

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